Five Secret Tips To Get Your Ex Back

Your ex dominates your thoughts day in and day out. As much as you try to think of something else, or even to move on, they just can't get out of your head. The hurt, pain, and feelings of bitterness and loneliness don't seem to be going away either. Finally, after having enough of dealing with these thoughts and thinking of your lost love you decided that you want them back in your life. You are going to get your ex back!
Maybe you tried tactics already and came up short. Whatever has happened before you need to keep your chin up and see that it is not too late. You can get your ex back with these secret strategies. Read carefully and apply them to your life as the time comes.
1) Change first from within
Start first simply by being more positive, but it goes deeper than that. The world will not become a happier place until you are happy. Those feelings you've dealing with since the break up need to be dealt with as well. It is probably not universally suggested to do this but feel those feelings fully. Find any doubts or things about these emotions that feels out of alignment with who you are, and change them. That is the very first step to this process. You will be much more equipped to clear your head and think clearly if you do this before the next step, which is often the first step by other sources you will read. So handle within before we get to the relationship.
2) Were did it all go wrong?
You are now ready to answer a very important question. What caused the relationship to end? Most of the time the answer to this question can be solved by simply thinking hard about the relationship and replaying it over and over in your head to see where the core problems are. If you are unable to come up with a reason or don't know it it's fine to ask your ex why they broke up with you. you need to tell them that you need to know this so that you can grow and change from it so it won't happen again. That is the whole idea of this step. You need to fix the root cause of the relationship so that the next time you won't break up for the same reason. Why is this important? Well, unless you enjoy reading these articles or plan to in a few months from now, then you need to fix this problem at the source. Find it. Fix it.
3) Time apart is good for both of you
Keep contact with your ex limited to nonexistent if you can. Anywhere between one month to six weeks is ideal. Your ex is probably feeling similar things that you are, bitterness, pain, and hurt, so they also need time to cope with it. This time is for you to mentally cool down. Let some time pass. Whatever it was that seemed so important that caused the break up, and likely a fight, will suddenly not seem to matter as much once a suitable amount of time has passed. When you reach this time frame it will be a lot easier to work out that issue because you will both be calmer and have had time to think about it. Always keep the door open for communication even if you are not speaking with your ex. You're going to need that line very soon.
4) Allow your mind to think of other things
Not only just to think of other things but to do other things. You need to reconnect with who you are again. Do something you've never done, take a trip somewhere, learn a new skill, whatever you do just get out of the house. Relationships can end because one of the partners thought the other was becoming too predictable, boring, and no longer challenging. Right now, right here, this is your chance to become interesting again. Use this opportunity to meet new people, find new hobbies, and have new experiences without your ex. This will create new conversations between you and restore the exciting person they fell in love with back in their lives. Your ind will thank you also, since it will not have to think about your ex all day long and can be free to enjoy life. This month apart is a very important time to grow and come back refreshed and a new person for your ex.
5) Restoring contact with your ex
If you have been following these steps to this point you are now very much a different person than you were at the beginning. Have you changed enough to get back your ex? You're about to find out and that comes with contacting them for the first time since the break up. You want this to be personal so no texting. While getting your ex back through texting is a fine and perfect method if that works for you then feel free to do it, but you want this to be personal. Texting is simply not a personal way of contact. So this is how it's going to work and pay attention since it can be delicate.
The first call is basically checking in on your ex. It doesn't have to be long or deep in conversation and it shouldn't be. You need to find out where you stand, where they stand, and you have to know if that uncomfortable awkward feeling has a chance to finally leave forever. This conversation shouldn't last longer than 15 minutes and even that is probably too long. Any and all talk of the relationship should not be talked about. It will feel weird, it will be awkward, and it may not be easy, but if you want your ex back you've got to talk to them at some point and now is that time. Be polite and brief. You're just checking in and testing the waters. If that goes well, breathe a huge breath of relief and get mentally prepared for the next time. After you have done this a few times and are making progress we move onto the next step.
Either you or your ex will propose to meet in person. This needs to be handled as if it was that awkward and weird first call to your ex. Face-to-face is not the same as a phone call and if you don't know that now you will once you see them. The topics are much broader during this meeting but talk of the relationship should either be avoided or delicately handled if it comes up. In person you will really know if those uncomfortable feelings between the two of you are truly gone. You are almost home free, but not quite there. The good news is you have no restored contact and communication with your ex to the point where real progress can begin.

Tips How To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend

You are well aware that relationships can take work to make them successful and relationships can be great when both parties are getting along. The down side is we can get into fights with our boyfriends which in turn can lead to a break up if we do not take action to fix it. One way is to simply learn to apologize.
When an argument happens you should probably take the initiative and apologize to your boyfriend if your desire is to save your relationship. It does not matter if you are at fault or not, sometimes the best step to take is just say sorry so the two of can move on. How do you go about apologizing in a situation like yours?
There are of course a number of ways you can say you're sorry. But whichever way you go you need to make it sound sincere. If you end up not apologizing after you did something wrong, you can be assured it will hurt your relationship.
If you were not the cause of the argument there will be conflict between the two of you that will only build up till another argument happens. As hard as it may be, saying sorry to your boyfriend may help defuse the tension and stop the chance of another confrontation, even if he was at fault. Below are some things you can do to make it easier for you to increase the possibility of your boyfriend accepting your apology.
1. Give your boyfriend some time to himself. He may just need a little time to himself to work things out. Trying to do something too soon could start the fight or argument again and leave you worse off than before. Give him time alone so he can cool off and improve your chances.
2. Give him his chance to vent his anger. You may have given him his space but when you tried to talk to him he still got angry again. It's our nature to be defensive when we feel threatened so try your best to resist yelling back, let him get it out of his system. Once he gets it off his chest he will calm down and be more open to talking to you.
3. When you tell your boyfriend you are sorry be sincere about it. People have a way of seeing through someone when they are lying to them. If you are really sorry tell him otherwise you could do more harm than good for your situation.
4. You may find this is going to be more difficult than you thought. If you really want to save your relationship you will have to think long term and work at it. You do not want to come across as needy or pushy because this will make you look desperate.
He needs some time to work through it o be careful with what you say and do but don't let him take advantage of you. You may have to walk a fine line between while looking for results. If you see he is taking advantage of you and it is taking to long for the two of you to work things out you may just have to break off the relationship.