A Couple of Tips to Online Dating

Probably the easiest (and safest) path for gay men to find a date is online dating. If done correctly, gay online dating experience can be a delight. Sure, there will be dreadful dates, but hey, it's life. I am going to hand you a couple of tips on how to make your gay dating experience more gratifying and safe.
These days the internet is filled with all sorts of dating sites. A lot of them are good, some of them are bad. If the site is young, they could easily fake profiles to make them look like a good service with more members than they actually have, so when you sign up, and pay a few bucks to get your membership, you find out that they have forged most of the good stuff. Therefore before paying, sign up for free membership, or take a free tour, and try to discover if the profiles are for real. I would urge you to stick with the most popular online dating communities, simply because they are safe, and have most members.
When you find a dating site that you like, it is time to find someone to chat with. And it's better to play it safe before hooking up.
You should take things very slowly when chatting online with a stranger. For your own safety, never give away any sensitive personal information about you, like address or place of work, until you get to know him better.
Before you are going to meet the person your chatting with, I would strongly recommend having a conversation over the phone.
Take your time to get to know the person and ask as many detailed questions as possible before committing to meet. There's no rush. If you see any warning signs, remember it's better to be safe than sorry.
If and when you are going to meet, I would recommend meeting in a public place, a place that is comfortable to both of you, if possible, to relieve tension.
Simply the best, universal tip I am going to give you, is to use your common sense, which is quite under appreciated these days.
Finding a date is supposed to be fun experience after all, but try to keep these tips in your mind and you will make it just fine.